posted: Jun 26, 2010

Chester arnold closing talk saturday july 3 3pm

posted: Jun 21, 2010

Scott greene marina zurkow opens july 10 at catharine clark gallery sf

posted: Jun 11, 2010

Yerba buena gallery walk tomorrow 16pm

posted: Jun 5, 2010

Chester arnold in saturdays sfchronicle

posted: May 14, 2010

Chester arnold opens next saturday may 22 at catharine clark gallery

posted: May 7, 2010

New york discenza opens at 14th st studio catharine clark gallery

posted: Apr 23, 2010

Catharine clark gallery upcoming events in sf and ny aprilmay 2010

posted: Apr 23, 2010

Join mark leno and catharine clark gallery for a fundraiser to support michael nava

posted: Apr 8, 2010

Charles gute john slepian stephanie syjuco open this saturday at catharine clark gallery

posted: Mar 26, 2010

Chester arnold adam chapman at bamart silent auction brooklyn

posted: Mar 25, 2010

Charles gute john slepian stephanie syjuco solo exhibitions at catharine clark gallery

posted: Mar 19, 2010

Upcoming catharine clark gallery events in sf and ny

posted: Mar 9, 2010

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posted: Mar 2, 2010

Inaugural exhibition at catharine clark gallerys new york venue opens this friday

posted: Feb 15, 2010

Travis somerville erin cosgrove catharine clark gallery feb 20 apr 3

posted: Feb 9, 2010

Savethedate travis somerville reception saturday february 20 68pm

posted: Feb 6, 2010

Catharine clark gallerys new york venue opens march 5 2010

posted: Jan 31, 2010

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posted: Jan 30, 2010

Please join us for an artist talk with anthony discenza next saturday

posted: Jan 6, 2010

Anthony discenza solo exhibition at catharine clark gallery opens thursday

posted: Dec 30, 2009

Save the date anthony discenza reception at catharine clark gallery january 9 57pm

posted: Dec 24, 2009

Catharine clark gallery closed december 24 january 1

posted: Nov 28, 2009

Catharine clark gallery at pulse miami art fair december 36

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